25 companies bid for solar projects in Rajasthan


The Indian state of Rajasthan is also in the process of allocating a solar PV capacity of 100MW. The state already has an installed capacity of around 220MW and more than 250MW is currently under development. The projects under development are primarily under batch two of phase one of the NSM. Rajasthan also does not have any domestic content requirement. Even though the PPA in Rajasthan is not very bankable, the bidding looks to be oversubscribed. According to Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation (RREC), 25 companies have submitted their bids for the allocation process. At least ten of these companies are known to have developed projects in India previously and the rest are newer developers. It is expected that the experience players will be allocated most projects. However, the total capacity allocated to a single developer is expected to remain relatively small (around 10MW)

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